Net Impact Bristol strives to raise awareness and provide support for those who wish to use their careers for positive and social and environmental change.

Net Impact is an initiative that started in California in the early ‘90s and has now grown to become the single leading global nonprofit that empowers a new generation to create positive social and environmental change in the workplace. Net Impact has over 40,000 members globally who use the organisation as a resource to connect with each other, learn from industry leaders about sustainability and develop skills.  This global network comprises over 300 ‘chapters’ based all over the world all of which work autonomously and locally to provide opportunities and knowledge to help individuals make social and environmental change through their careers. Join us at an event –  click here .

Making a Net Impact in Bristol?

The Bristol Net Impact Professional Chapter helps professionals and students incorporate sustainability into their career paths across various sectors. Through developing a connected, motivated workforce Net Impact aids the development of the Bristol environmental sector itself.

We provide professional skill building, networking events and experiential learning experiences such as field trips for individuals who may not be able to access these opportunities through their current employers.

The Net Impact Professional Chapter in Bristol is only the second Professional Net Impact chapter in the UK outside of London. Bristol is one of the UK’s greenest cities. With the lowest carbon emissions and highest recycling rates per head in the UK, Bristol is home to a wide range of sustainable businesses, boasts a thriving professional community and offers up thousands of green jobs; strengths that have led the city to win the title of European Green Capital in 2015.


While there are many initiatives in Bristol that focus on sustainable business, we believe there is a shortfall of Continuing Professional Development opportunities which are inclusive, and focus specifically on skills for individuals in low carbon, sustainability or Corporate Social Responsibility roles.

Many national organisations that offer this appear to be London-centric, with events of professional bodies few and far between in the West Country. We believe there is a need to support professionals who are working in the low carbon sector, or wish to work in it, to gain the skills and develop the contacts they need to thrive in their careers, thus driving growth and success in the region’s low carbon and environmental sector.

Net Impact Bristol is our and your answer to that.

If you would like to make a Net Impact follow us @NetImpactBris

See these slides from our launch event for more information


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